Our Liturgy

I was glad when they said to me,
    “Let us go to the house of the Lord!” - Psalm 122:1

A typical Sunday morning worship service at Sandy Springs follows this order:

Call to Worship from God to his people, usually using a few verses from a Psalm

Prayer of Invocation asking God to accept and bless our worship, ending with Lord’s Prayer in unison

Hymn expressing praise and adoration for God

God’s Law is read, often the Ten Commandments

Prayer of Confession asking forgiveness for sins exposed by God’s Law

Good News of the gospel is announced using a few Bible verses

Hymn responding to the gospel – praising Jesus Christ, thanking God for his amazing grace, or expressing our faith or repentance

Tithes & Offering are collected by the deacons, and the congregation sings a short doxology

Prayer of Intercession over the shared concerns of our church prayer list

Hymn affirming the Prayer of Intercession, or preparing for the sermon

Scripture Lesson reading the Bible passage that will be expounded in the sermon

Sermon expounding the Scripture Lesson for perhaps 30-40 minutes

Hymn responding to something learned in the sermon

Benediction announcing Christ’s priestly blessing on his people

This simple sequence is meant to reflect our biblical principles and God-centered priorities for worship. These include the “regulative principle” (i.e., our understanding that the activities of worship should be authorized in the Bible), the “dialogical principle” (i.e., our understanding that worship should be structured as a covenant conversation between God and the church, mediated by Christ), as well as classically Reformed emphases on the holiness, sovereignty, and grace of our triune God.