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A typical Sunday morning worship service at Sandy Springs Presbyterian Church follows this order:

Call to Worship (usually a few verses from a psalm)

Prayer of Invocation (ends with Lord’s Prayer in unison)

Hymn (re: praise or adoration of God)

Reading God’s Law (often the Ten Commandments)

Prayer of Confession (confessing sins exposed by the Law)

Assurance of Pardon (bible verses announcing the gospel)

Hymn (re: Christ and his gospel, faith, or repentance)

Offering (collected by the deacons; followed by a doxology)

Pastoral Prayer (often using the church prayer list)

Hymn (re: prayer, or the upcoming scripture lesson)

Scripture Lesson (the text for study in the sermon)

Sermon (about half the length of the worship service)

Hymn (re: some truth learned in the sermon)

Benediction (a priestly blessing announced in Christ’s behalf)

This simple sequence is meant to reflect our principles and priorities for worship. These include the “regulative principle” (the contents of worship are specified by God in the Bible), the “dialogical principle” (the structure of worship is a covenant conversation between God and the church, mediated by Christ), and an emphasis on the sovereignty and grace of God.